XIII Gdansk Grain Exchange

13th July 2023

We invite companies, mills and feed producers to participate in this unique meeting of European and national companies operating in the grain market.

Gdańsk Grain Exchange

Gdańska Giełda Zbożowa In the 16th century Gdańsk was considered one of the most developed trade centers in Europe. However, the 17th century remains the most glorious era in the history of Gdańsk, when it was one of the richest cities in Europe. The port was visited by sailors, merchants, as well as scientist and artists. Grain trade on a big scale led to the city’s wealth. Grains arrived in Gdańsk from various areas of Poland through inland waterways, mainly the Vistula and its tributaries. In 1618, 118,000 Gdańsk lasts (approximately 271,000 tons) were exported abroad. Throughout many centuries The Artus Court (Grain Exchange venue) was the centre of trade, where merchants from all around Europe met to negotiate prices of grains with Polish suppliers.
An increase in transhipment in Gdańsk and Gdynia is observed year by year. In 2019 it amounted to 75 million tons, including 3.8 million tons of oilseeds and grains.
Gdańsk Grain Exchange is an annual event founded by Zbigniew Ohler in 2009. It was created as an homage to trade traditions of the city and is a perfect opportunity to meet for Polish and foreign entrepreneurs who trade grains. First editions were held in Artus Court, however, due to growing popularity, the event was moved to Sheraton Hotel Conference Centre in Sopot. What is more, the Winter Exchange, which takes place in Zakopane, has been organised annually since 2015.
The event is a great opportunity to meet entrepreneurs involved in production, sales and export of grains and oilseeds in person. Every year we host several hundred agricultural producers and warehouse owners from the coast and other regions of the country. We also invite companies that support trade by providing transport, logistics and quality control.
Participants are able to meet trade partners they previously knew only by phone or email. Our guests can also expect to establish fruitful co-operations with new contractors.
In order to participate in the event, it is necessary to fill in a short registration form which allows you to enjoy the full offer we have prepared.
See you at the Gdańsk Grain Exchange!


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Take part in Gdańsk Grain Exchange – in order to do so, fill in a short registration form which will allow you to enjoy various attractions we have prepared.

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