Our event is dedicated to all people related to the grain market: private individuals, companies specialized in feed production, agricultural producers, oil mill and mill owners, company owners and logistic companies.

Every year, people who work intensively on the Polish and European grain market take part in GdGZ. During the event there are discussions on the latest trends in the cultivation and sale of cereals and oilseeds. It is also a great opportunity for consultations with experts and acquiring new business contacts. .

Event program:


10:00 - 12:30

Mirosław Marciniak (Infograin) - World and domestic grain market in the season 2022/23 - Are wheat and corn price records still ahead of us?
Bogdan Kostetsky (Barva Invest) - Ukrainian demand and supply of grains and oilseeds, export logistics perspectives
Wojciech Krzywosądzki (Thegra Poland sp. z o.o) - Rapeseed market
Michal Jaskowski (LDC) - Soybean meal market. How to take deforestation under control?
Piotr Grela (Tradercom Investments)  - Peak in the market, but where to buy it now?! And where to sell it If i was late ?!

Grain Exchange

14:00 - 18:00

Dinner in the form of a rich and varied hot buffet, cold plate and desserts

Buffet:                                                       Open-Bar:

             20:30 - 24:00                                              19:00 – 02:00